ANFRAGE: Whitepaper “Digital Transformation and Pricing”

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von Frank Frohmann

Frank Frohmann has 24 years of leadership experience in marketing, sales and pricing. He gained extensive pricing competencies covering inhouse consulting (Bosch, Lufthansa Cargo, Evonik), operative pricing and yield management (Lufthansa Passenger Business) and management consulting (like Simon-Kucher, Homburg & Partner, Roll & Pastuch). His book “Digital Pricing” is the very first work that combines “Digitalisation” (as the most important megatrend) and “Pricing” (as the most effective profit lever). Frank´s examples on digital pricing are based on his cross-industry experience, including automotive, industrial goods and machinery and many service sectors like transportation, tourism, telecommunications and software. Frank Frohmann started his career at Simon-Kucher & Partners in 1996. He wrote his diploma thesis “Pricing in the airline industry” at the professorship of Hermann Simon.